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Mailing Books, Yoga, and Mindfulness to Your Home Every Month

Show your kids the value of life through yoga. Subscribe to Kids Yoga Book Box today! We will provide you with the resources you need to

get started.

Our team teaches children's yoga and mindfulness in schools and studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, we are expanding with our Kids Yoga Book Club, helping families all over the United States.

We give families the tools to start a yoga and mindfulness practice at home with their children. Inside our monthly, themed boxes are a picture book, recipes, activities and/or art projects, and more!

Also, members have access to our online classroom where we post a minimum of four yoga videos for kids every month! Learn more about our book club by browsing our website. 

About Dana Morris, the Creator of Kids Yoga Book Club

Dana Morris is a mother of four in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her journey into children's yoga began in 2011 when well-meaning friends and family suggested her son to get on medication for ADD/ADHD before he started school. This didn't sit well with her, so she scoured the internet looking for alternatives to help her child succeed in a public school classroom. Children's yoga kept popping up in her search. Unable to find a kids yoga instructor in her city, she flew to California to get certified herself!

In 2011, Dana studied under Shakta Kaur Khalsa (one of the world's leading experts in children's yoga), completing the Radiant Child Yoga Certification. On her return, she created Buddhaful Child Yoga and started teaching children in studios around town. Since then, she has been certified with Next Generation Yoga, Cosmic Kids Yoga, James Fox' Prison Yoga Project, and is a Journey of Young Women Mentor.

In 2013, Dana became the "Children's Yoga Expert" and contributing writer for Upside Down Games, a company in Los Angeles that’s committed to helping children grow as healthy, intelligent, and socially conscious members of society.

Dana's heart work is offering yoga to the underserved communities. She is also the co-creator of the Hope Yoga Project, a groundbreaking clinical research study documenting the effects of yoga with children and teens with PTSD and/or trauma. Dana is employed by several psychiatric hospitals in Tulsa, offering trauma-sensitive yoga therapy to children and teens. She also partners with Attic Conversations, serving at-risk

teen girls.

Dana is also the owner and program director of I AM KIDS Tulsa, LLC, a company that reaches more than 20 schools in the Tulsa metro area, offering after-school yoga and mindfulness classes. She also is the co-creator of the Peace, Love & Yoga Camp–Oklahoma's FIRST overnight yoga summer camp! In addition, Dana is the Kids Zone Coordinator for the I AM Yoga, Music & Art Festival–the largest yoga festival in the Midwest!

Who are we?

I AM KIDS’ yoga classes are a fusion of yoga and conscious play, sprinkled with storytelling, art, song, and dance! Currently, we teach yoga and mindfulness in more than 20 schools and studios. Now, you can get our unique kids yoga classes mailed right at your doorstep every month by joining the Kids Yoga Book Club!


You are your child's first and most influential teacher. You don't have to be a flexible yoga teacher or meditation expert to explore yoga and mindfulness with your child. Our program is perfect for kids ages 3 to 8. Every month, the Kids Yoga Book Club will mail a gift box to your child via snail mail. How exciting is that?! Inside the beautiful, themed box, your child will receive a new picture book to add to their home library. But, that's not all! The Kids Yoga Book Club box will also include some or all of the following: guided meditations, breathing exercises, musical playlists, yoga and mindfulness games, science experiments, crafts, recipes, and gifts! PLUS, you will receive access to our online classroom, where we will upload new story time yoga classes, big kid classes, DIY videos, guided meditations, yoga and mindfulness games and more! Our boxes and themes change monthly and are always a surprise!


Are you an early childhood teacher interested in adding yoga and mindfulness to your classroom? This monthly book club is PERFECT for you. We will send you fresh ideas every month to share with your students. We have fun mindfulness and yoga games, brain breaks, age-appropriate meditations, and breathing exercises to help with classroom transitions. Our boxes are easily adaptable to a classroom setting. Our private online yoga classroom is on YouTube, so you will be able to watch our videos on the smart board! Members will also have access to our private Facebook group, I AM KIDS Yoga & Mindfulness, to support you on this journey of sharing yoga and mindfulness with children.


Subscription boxes are mailed on days from the 15th to 20th of every month. Refunds are NOT given, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. For example: if you subscribe on the first day of the month, your credit card (CC) will be charged on the same day every month for your membership. If you wish to cancel, please do so BEFORE the first day of the month. If your CC was charged, you will receive that month’s book box. Same terms and conditions apply to YEARLY memberships.

What if I already have this book in my child’s library?

We believe that the BIGGEST value is in the yoga and mindfulness activities that go along with the picture book and not the book itself. If you already have the book, then gift the new book to a friend, donate it to a child in need, or send it to your favorite teacher. Giving feels good!

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